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We, members of Forum Stop TB Partnership Indonesia agrees to actively participate in TB control and prevention efforts to ending TB in Indonesia with the understanding that:

  1. TB is preventable and curable;

  2. TB is a public health problem;

  3. The TB burden increases due to antimicrobacterial resistance, TB-HIV, TB Diabetes Mellitus and smoking;

  4. Political will to end TB is relatively low;

  5. Funding of National and District government for TB are limited;

  6. Health facilities are not optimally implementing TB care;

  7. Awareness and active role of communities are limited.


Acknowledging that, we are ready to take concrete steps such as:

  1. Collaborate and actively contribute to TB control in respective to our own strengths;

  2. Advocate to the National and local government to increase funding for TB program;

  3. Stimulate National and local government to immediately create policies that creates a conducive environment for TB control and prevention and ensure policies are implemented appropriately;

  4. Stimulate and facilitate the provision of good quality TB care in public and private health facilities;

  5. Amplify TB control efforts in the workplace, with civil societies, and for key population groups in prison settings, crowded slums;

  6. Spread information about TB to communities and stakeholders;

  7. Stimulate more stakeholders to contribute in forms of funding, human resources, expertise, and facilities to improve TB program;

  8. Increase research and use its results to ensure evidence-based decision-making in TB control program;

  9. Forum Stop TB Partnership Indonesia will immediately develop similar forum in all province prior to 2016;

  10. Give and support each other through technical assistance to increase capacities and abilities of partners;

  11. Have an active role in National network for TB and global partnership for “zero TB deaths, zero new TB infections, dan zero TB suffering and stigma”.


Jakarta, May 30th 2013 as the Chairperson of Forum Stop TB Partnership Indonesia,

Arifin Panigoro 

Deklarasi Anggota FSTPI: Service
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