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Be a partner and get involved in the fight against Tuberculosis

Stop TB Partnership Indonesia is a cross-sectoral partnership platform supporting the National TB Program consisting of local and international organizations and individuals aiming to end the TB epidemic. Continue to read News and Activities to know how partnership can bring positive influence in Indonesia's TB control and prevention efforts.

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The organization initially started as Forum Stop TB Partnership Indonesia, a partnership group for TB, in May 30th 2013. Since May 24th 2018,  Indonesia Strategic Partnership for Tuberculosis Foundation was established to provide a legal foundation to strengthen the activities of the organization, Stop TB Partnership Indonesia, including routine forum meetings. STPI enables collaboration and coordination between partnering organizations or individuals within the platform and between partners and the Government of Indonesia.


A strong partnership for a TB free Indonesia


  1. Acknowledging our potentials and capabilities, STPI aims to support the government in attaining the targets of national-level TB program

  2. Encourage the harmonization of Indonesia's TB program based on accountable and transparent mechanisms with measurable outcomes

  3. Strengthen quality TB services, in respective to the NTP standards, and increase public awareness about TB as well as encouraging the public to access available health services proactively

  4. Mobilize support, resources, an initiatives from multiple stakeholders at the national and international level for TB control and prevention in Indonesia

  5. Influence policy-making about TB through advocacy efforts to respective significant stakeholders


  • Government institutions, civil society organizations and private sector organizations

  • Show commitment to collaborate in efforts to ending TB in Indonesia

  • Contribute according to unique capacities and abilities of partners

  • Willing to share responsibilities and work in partnership

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Interested to Join Us in Partnership to END TB?

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  1. Ministry of Health

  2. Ministry of Law and Human Rights

  3. Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Affairs

  4. Health Centre of the Indonesia National Armed Forces

  5. Medical Health Centre of Indonesia Police Force

  6. Ministry of Defence

  7. Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration

"Seeing the large number of people who suffer from and die from tuberculosis and the vast infection spread, I decided to take action adn invited members from various sectors to collaborate in the fight against tuberculosis."

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Gedung Medco 1, Lt. 2
Jl. Ampera Raya 18-20
Cilandak Timur, Pasar Minggu

Jakarta Selatan, 12560

Telp: (021) 782 1932

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